Monday, September 25, 2006

Ramadhan Mubarak

Alhamdulillah, as time goes cough and flu are recovering well...seems Allah listened to what i've prayed for! Still not yet started my Quran recitement, hmm macam mana nak khatam dalam bulan pose ni? INSYA-ALLAH dengan izin-NYA, i'll start it very2 soon..
Yesterday, my puasa completed succesfully, but after buka puasa ada muntah sikit-sikit..really hope that i don't get my gastric this soon..masa tarawikh i'm sort of termengah-mengah..only able to do 8 rakaat tarawikh (eleh, alasan!)

Hehe..this morning i managed to get up for sahur..well actually sahur dekat my Parent-In-Law..after sahur baru balik to our apartment...we have to move to work before 7 today...since we start early and go back early for buka puasa in Ramadhan..My hubby and I need to clock in at 8.00 o'clock..i reached my office around 7.30 today..uh, another half an hour to..sleep? hehe..i can't help myself to i decided to go surau to take a nap..

8 o'clock...start to work..but pun slow...hmm MONDAY BLUES Ramadhan Edition...

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