Thursday, September 28, 2006

Money Matters

HMMM...who said that Ramadhan is a month to berjimat-cermat...i don't believe in that..lagi koyak adala! Few weeks before Ramadhan, i've spent 20 bucks for serunding daging: for iftar. Plus another 4 bucks for home-made acar buah, promoted by one of my office-mate..hmm tu baru intro..

The next other day...ada jualan tudung pulak dekat office..i burn 70 bucks for that! Tudung raya konon...adoiii..ooppss lupa, i managed to burn another 70 ringgit for kuih raya...also promoted by my office-mate...sigh..tu dekat office je...not yet included bazaar ramadhan for raya, budget for duit's really a money matter!

1 comment:

mahertac said...

huhuuhhu..consider normal. but carefully, likewise, dok tenyeh kard plastik memanjang..cukup bulan..pening memikirkan...