Friday, February 16, 2007

It's February...


Time flies...we are now in Mid of Feb already...February will always be my favourite month of all because:

1. My birthday falls in this month, as well as my brother, my husband and also my father.
2. Err..tu je kot ( i guess reason no 1 should be enough to make Feb the most awaited month)

3 birthdays passed by:

1. My lil brother 19th birthday on the 10th
2. My hubby 27th birthday on the 7th
3. My 27th birthday on the 15th

February facts:

1. I got my Valentine rose on the 15th (a day after). We don't actually celebrate it but i gave him a card maybe he felt like not giving anything but only wishes, he bought me a rose the next day..(which happened to be my birthday) Why on 15th? because "hari ni satu kuntum 5 ringgit saja..kalau u beli semalam 15 ringgit maa" that was exactly si penjual bunga said to him, he claimed.

2. On the day i got the rose, i only got the rose! Oh, and the birthday card. I supposed i don't deserve any birthday present this year, as all the 'fund' is now funded to our lil one who is on the way to meet us this april..hmm..last year i had to sacrifice for our wedding, this year for the baby i destined to not getting any present anymore? :-(

3. During our sweet-old-time, my husband (boifriend back then) was always "tiru" the idea of giving birthday present. Since his birthday was 8 days earlier than me, he will tiru all my gifts idea. For this year, the card he gave was almost the same design with the one a gave him the previous week! Huh, hubby you never change, and won't change i guess..will show you guys the card...then you evaluate ok.

4. Me also don't deliver the birthday present for my husband :D The "thing" is in my's just that physically still in the shop :-) Still no time to go to the shop and get one for condition now doesn't allow me to rush here and there alone. So still kena tunggu my very busy husband to accompany me...

5. I got a very nice MMS birthday wish from my brother written Happy Birthday Along.

6. Not to be forgotten: in the office, one major outage happened on my birthday and i'm the one who attended it. Tak ong ka my birthday? :-(