Thursday, January 07, 2010

Qaisara is now playschooling

I'm proud of you darling!

Thank god that I still remember the login password to blog. Sangat lama tidak belog, aite?
To the topic: Today is officially the 4th day since Qaisara enrolled to her playschool nearby her nursery. I'm kinda happy + sebak pun ada juge..anak ku sudah ke sekolah!
She's only 3 this year, to be exact this April. People might ask, why send her too early?

i) kesian dia, kecik lagi
ii) nanti dia jemu, lama sangat dekat tadika

And my answer would be:

i) she has been sent to nursery since she was 3 months old. Independency is not an issue. Lagipun daripada duduk main [read: bergaduh, berebut barang] dekat nursery, it's better to expose her new social skills and also new friends..
ii) Not sure if she'll get bored later on, one thing for sure she won't learn the same thing every she's only enrolled to playschool, and i choose montessori approach so that it won't stress on academics too much at her age...kalau nak kira jemu, kita kat primary school tu 6 tahun dekat sekolah yang sama jugak...ok je.

She seems enjoying her moment at school, still adapting though..I'm always hope and pray that she'll cope with her new environment fast and of course enjoying the class the whole year. AMIN.