Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dearly Deported

I was listening to MIX FM this morning on the way to the office, and got the chance to listen to the 2nd Winner for Dearly Deported Segment.

Let me brief what is Dearly Deported to those who doesn't listen to MIXfm:

It's actually a program to reunite long lost loved ones: siblings, friends (not sure if bf/gf counts). They are flying your loved one to Kuala Lumpur and take them straight to the MIX fm studio. They put the overseas relative in one studio and the Malaysian-based relative in an adjoining studio. They will be able to see each other, but won’t be able to talk to each other.

And then the Malaysian-based relative will have to answer 3 questions about their overseas relative:

· Get ONE right – they spend 10 minutes together;
· Get TWO right – they get 1 hour together;
· Get all THREE right – they are reunited for 2 weeks!

But if he or she gets none of the questions right – they will instantly deport the loved one. No hugs, not even a chance to say hello... she/he will be taken straight back to the airport and put them on a flight back home.

So this morning, It's Johnny and her never- met- sister turn. It’s not just long lost loved relatives - but a brother and sister who didn’t even know that each other existed till one month ago...Johnny’s parents never mentioned that he had a baby sister… who was three days old when she was given away to a British soldier and returned to England with her. This was 45 years ago. In July, Susan came down to Malaysia for work, and put up an advertisement looking for her Malaysian family. They have been in touch since via Skype, but they’ve never met each other. If I were in his shoes, hmmm x boleh bayangkan mcm mana...

Rules of the game: he (and his family) will only get the chance to hug, talk, etc with Susan only if he is able to answer these 3 questions:

Q1: How many times did Susan get engaged b4 getting married to her husband?
(How was he supposed to know? X pernah jumpa for 45 yrs, ntah2 bila kahwin pun dia x tahu..)

I was waiting nervously for his answer. And of course he failed to answer the question correctly. (Oh my, it means he (they) can't spend 2 weeks with her sis. The longest possible is only 1 hour).

Q2: Where does Susan's adopted mother lives? (He got it right, and yeay he won 10 minutes to spend with her sister)

Q3: Susan is a teacher. What subject does she teaches?
( I felt like crying when i didn't hear any answer from Johnny...not sure of the answer, i guessed. Eventually he answered)

I can't help myself for not crying at that moment, because i heard Johnny cried. (He must be blaming himself for not answering the questions well. The whole family was in the conty, waiting to hug their sister/daughter..what if the 3rd Qs is wrongly answered? 10 menet je lah dapat berpeluk bagai and then, goodbye..sedih2..

Luckily the 3rd question was correct. Means they can spend 1 hour together, before Susan flying back to Sweden. From the radio i could hear they were hugging and crying..sedih sedih. Surprisingly, the DJ announced that they can spend not 1 hour, but another 30 hrs, due to the flight unavailability to Sweden..lucky girl :)

The DJs were also asking the father on how he felt for this...He was quite disappointed for not getting the chance to spend 2 weeks with her daugter, as he planned to bring her daughter to Penang, their hometown and he hope they will do that other time sooner or later.

What a fantastic community service you guys have MIXfm :)

If you wish to meet any of your long losted relatives overseas, the registration is still open until tomorrow..go find it out @

p/s: I feel old listening to MIXfm, anyhow i feel too young listening to HITZfm :P