Thursday, September 14, 2006

I love my husband

I wrote a long post last few days...unfortunately it was't published successfully (don't ask me why, i hate to answer that). That was really frustrating..i hate to write the same thing again, and of course it was too long to rewrite! the only thing i can afford to write back is only the title of the post. And there it goes, enjoy the title!

This week is indeed the most tedious's my turn to standby, and it is a real standby! so busy handling major maintenance and also breakdown..and until sunday pun ada maintenance! huh..what a hectic week...-sigh-i take it positively..there's nothing to lose handling all this...i think i get more: experience la especially..not the standby allowance :P

Last night sempat lagi tengok wayang! well, konon2 spending quality time dengan hubby la for this week.. (dengan harapan no outage at that time)..and thank god i was managed to watch the movie till the end of the story..not feeling so well this week, hopefully i will recover from my bad cough and flu soonest possible.

Husband dearie, sorry for not paying you full attention this week..tiredness+busy-ness+lazyness had turned me this way...SORRY!

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