Wednesday, September 30, 2009

AidilfitriYang Bererti

She now understands what raya means..sungguh bererti kan raya tahun ini?

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua..Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dearly Deported

I was listening to MIX FM this morning on the way to the office, and got the chance to listen to the 2nd Winner for Dearly Deported Segment.

Let me brief what is Dearly Deported to those who doesn't listen to MIXfm:

It's actually a program to reunite long lost loved ones: siblings, friends (not sure if bf/gf counts). They are flying your loved one to Kuala Lumpur and take them straight to the MIX fm studio. They put the overseas relative in one studio and the Malaysian-based relative in an adjoining studio. They will be able to see each other, but won’t be able to talk to each other.

And then the Malaysian-based relative will have to answer 3 questions about their overseas relative:

· Get ONE right – they spend 10 minutes together;
· Get TWO right – they get 1 hour together;
· Get all THREE right – they are reunited for 2 weeks!

But if he or she gets none of the questions right – they will instantly deport the loved one. No hugs, not even a chance to say hello... she/he will be taken straight back to the airport and put them on a flight back home.

So this morning, It's Johnny and her never- met- sister turn. It’s not just long lost loved relatives - but a brother and sister who didn’t even know that each other existed till one month ago...Johnny’s parents never mentioned that he had a baby sister… who was three days old when she was given away to a British soldier and returned to England with her. This was 45 years ago. In July, Susan came down to Malaysia for work, and put up an advertisement looking for her Malaysian family. They have been in touch since via Skype, but they’ve never met each other. If I were in his shoes, hmmm x boleh bayangkan mcm mana...

Rules of the game: he (and his family) will only get the chance to hug, talk, etc with Susan only if he is able to answer these 3 questions:

Q1: How many times did Susan get engaged b4 getting married to her husband?
(How was he supposed to know? X pernah jumpa for 45 yrs, ntah2 bila kahwin pun dia x tahu..)

I was waiting nervously for his answer. And of course he failed to answer the question correctly. (Oh my, it means he (they) can't spend 2 weeks with her sis. The longest possible is only 1 hour).

Q2: Where does Susan's adopted mother lives? (He got it right, and yeay he won 10 minutes to spend with her sister)

Q3: Susan is a teacher. What subject does she teaches?
( I felt like crying when i didn't hear any answer from Johnny...not sure of the answer, i guessed. Eventually he answered)

I can't help myself for not crying at that moment, because i heard Johnny cried. (He must be blaming himself for not answering the questions well. The whole family was in the conty, waiting to hug their sister/daughter..what if the 3rd Qs is wrongly answered? 10 menet je lah dapat berpeluk bagai and then, goodbye..sedih2..

Luckily the 3rd question was correct. Means they can spend 1 hour together, before Susan flying back to Sweden. From the radio i could hear they were hugging and crying..sedih sedih. Surprisingly, the DJ announced that they can spend not 1 hour, but another 30 hrs, due to the flight unavailability to Sweden..lucky girl :)

The DJs were also asking the father on how he felt for this...He was quite disappointed for not getting the chance to spend 2 weeks with her daugter, as he planned to bring her daughter to Penang, their hometown and he hope they will do that other time sooner or later.

What a fantastic community service you guys have MIXfm :)

If you wish to meet any of your long losted relatives overseas, the registration is still open until tomorrow..go find it out @

p/s: I feel old listening to MIXfm, anyhow i feel too young listening to HITZfm :P

Monday, June 08, 2009

Month of June

Event Standard di Malaysia on the month of June:

-Cuti sekolah yang agak 2 weeks kot
-Kenduri kahwin yang sangat banyak..di mana2 (asalkan di Malaysia) memandangkan ramai yang mengambil kesempatan berkenduri di musim cuti sekolah..senang saudara mara nak datang..anak2 semua nya boleh la lama sikit duduk dekat kampung ;)

So ramaila pasangan yang celebrate their wedding anniversary on June. Masa blog-hopping pun, antara topics yg di update by most of fellow-bloggers:

1st June 2009

Uhuh..bahagianya masing2..tapi dlm byk2 entry, yang ni paling tak tahan sekali…

Hebat hebat..saya respek dgn husband Kak Siti..(x boleh dibayangkan kalau saya di tempat Kak Siti) Mahunya x masuk ofis seminggu sbb malu2…tp malu2 itu berbaloi sbb dapat COACH handbag :P, new watch and duit $$$$

Whatever it is..i believe everybody, including me and my hubby have our own way to celebrate this day…walaupun takla sehappennig kak siti ;)

My 1st anniversary 02062007:

Dapat spa treat: Polish balik badan yang berkerak akibat sapuan berbagai2 jamu masa pantang bersalinkan our first daughter

My 2nd anniversary 02062008:

Celebrate sorang2..husband outstation

My 3rd anniversary 02062009:

Celebrate sorang2 lagi..husband outstation lagi.

Walaupun our anniversary tak sehebat yang lain, saya masih bersyukur kerana masih berpeluang menyambut our wedding anniversary.

Happy wedding anniversary to those celebrating it..Semoga berkekalan ke akhir hayat.

p/s: Ini adalah sebenarnya entry emo..kerana mengenangkan saya dah dua tahun tak dapat hadiah anniversary :(

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Misinterpretation


Qaisara: Mama, sakit perut. Sapu Yoyicaplimau.
Mama: Kenapa dia sakit perut? Nak b**ak ke lapar?
Qaisara: Saya lapar
Mama: Lapar ke? Jom makan jom
Qaisara: Tak nak makan..dah kenyang
Mama: ??


Qaisara: Shhh mama koyet mama koyet [read: mama quiet].
Mama: Baby nak tido ke?
Qaisara: Taklah, baby ngantuk kot..
Mama: errkk ??

Qaisara..Qaisara.. ^_^

Friday, May 08, 2009

Her Vocabs....

...are growing and expanding! I am proud that Qaisara's pronounciation of every single word she says is clear. Tak main la pelat2 hehe...It is just that sometimes she uses the words wrongly...tak tahu makna kot...hehe..anyhow she is mastering quite a lot of words each day.

-She is now pronouncing her name as Kasagha [read: Qaisara], better than Kai Kaya she pronounced earlier, and started calling her teacher as Ko As [read: Cikgu As] also, better than before (dulu panggil As je). Show your respect lah baby, she is your teacher, not your friend :)

I always keep asking her some common question repetetively [which she doesn't really like to answer the same questions again and again. When you started to ask 1 question only, she will answer the question PLUS the other question you plan to ask one after another...

Q: What is your name?
A: Kasagha...babah Kaiyii..mama Nowii..atuk TokKomat..atuk TokAcol..Nenek Jah...TokMama Enon..PakLam Ecam...Babah work sisi mama work sabajaya..

Sometimes, she even answered her nenek's name as nenek nenek si bongkok tiga! I guess she get bored with the same question asked everyday ;) -Kadang2 siap provoke tanya lain jawab lain..grrrrr

I am also proud that she can now sing the song i used to sing during my childhood: 'Nenek nenek si bongkok tiga'

Nenek nenek si bokok tigaaa [read: Nenek nenek di bongkok tiga]
siam mangatuk malam ba-jaga [read: Siang mengantuk malam berjaga]
mecari cucu namanamana [read: Mencari cucu dimana ada]
neneku kawin dengan anak baja [read: Nenek ku kahwin dengan anak Raja]
cucu cucu tabole lari [read: Cucu cucu tak boleh lari]
nene tua banyak sati [read: Nenek tua banyak sakti]
sakaram nenek na cari gati [read: sekarang nenek nak cari ganti]
sapa yam kena dia yam jadi [read: Siapa yang kena dia yang jadi]

FYI, I am the one to fetch her from the nursery on my way back home. We normally will see series of traffic light along the way back and guess what:

Lampu merah: Mama, ssssssstop. Tu tengok tu ssstop.
Lampu hijau: Haaa, boleh jalan mama..boleh jalan dah.

I know my daughter is smart ;) It must be her babah telling her the traffic light lesson (good job, honey!) And owh, she will also ask me to stop when the light is yellow. Bagus2..boleh ambil driving license cepat mcm ni :D

Last night she got scolded by me after messing up all her toys at our living hall. Sambil membebel cleaning all the mess, i could see her walking slowly with sulky face to our 2nd room. I tiptoed and started peeping what was she doing. She climbed the bed, and sit still at the very corner of the bed. The room was dark, with no light switched on.

I asked her, Sara buat apa tu? Gelap lah...She replied with a very sad face...Saya manangis [read: saya menangis] aaaa? menangis? merajuk kot..sebab x de air mata pun.Iye saya yakin dia nak bgtau yang dia tgh merajuk...alahai..cutenya..takpe cuba lagi anakku...x power lagi lah vocab anakku :) Anyway, that was the first time she surrendered when i scolded her. Wonderful. Mama puas hati. Hehehehe. Mama menang. Kalau tak, selalunya the conversation will be this bad:

Mama: Qaisaraaaa..kenapa sepah2? Put this thing back to the room. Now!
Qaisara: [Muka toya, buat2 tuli...]tengok tv...or bwk keluar mainan lain pulak
Mama: Ya Allah, Qaisara..Pleaseeeee...Don't do this! Naughty lah u.
Qaisara: Noooooooo. Mama notiiii. Eeiiii

And i'll be the mangsa dera. Terasa didera kerana terpaksa mengemas mainan dan juga dibabab anak sendiri. [mommies out there, is there any way to teach her to manage herself better?]

Being a mother is....wonderful :)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Late Entry

I'd like to welcome the new addition of En Rasol Clan...Dzairul Izwan Zakaria..(betul ke eja nama ntah) abah officially has 2 son-in-laws. (And hubby dearie, you have now a competitor...hehehe) Welcome to the family, anyway Dzairul :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Krispy Kreme sudah sampai be exact, it's opening in Berjaya Times Square, KL. If it's not the buntings and ads, I won't know that we don't have really to travel so far to get the doughnuts now! Doughnuts Doughnuts I go nuts!!!!

p/s: Anybody generous enough to get me a box of these? Pleaseeee...Times Square is so far away from my workplace..if not confirm dah terbang ke sanaaaaa di waktu lunch ;)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bandung Shopping Spree

I know I know, it's kinda basi..tapi it's always better late than never to archive all this :)

Me and my keluarga nukleus (me, hubby and Qaisara) telah menjebakkan diri dalam percutian yg 80% dpd main activities nya ialah SHOPPING....uuhhh ahhhh what a therapy ;) Turut terjebak dalam percutian ini adalah 4 other families (Aisyah and family, Azury and family, Jun and Juri , Safurah and family)+ 2 geng solo (Chot and Jai) ...all were my schoolmates and my regular geng jalan2.

4 days full of shopping activities were seriously.....HEAVEN!!! You could get good things with a very good price, tell you. Don't dare to go there without Rupiah [read: a lot of Rupiahs] or else you will suffer. **Evil grin**

Well guys, I won't tell much about the whole trip as it is well-explained in Jun's Blog. My concern here is more on sharing few experiences and some shopping tips [for my reference jugak later, mana tahu nak pergi lagi uhuhuhu]

First thing first, get your RM changed to Rupiah as much as you can..because it was not easy to find Money Changer in more money changer was not like ours in've got to queue macam dekat bank...ambil nombor tau! I forbid myself to use CC..bahaya..nnt confirm swipe lagi dan lagi ;) Mahu tambah lagi satu tips..sediakan currency converter untuk senang nak calculate in RM. Buat dalam bentuk table ke..we were so lucky sebab Aisyah n husband dia dah prepare a table of converter..photostat ramai2 bagi sorang bila tengok je baju harga 49,000 Rp dah tau dah berapa RM by referring the converter.

Muka bertenaga sebelum shopping

The best part of shopping in Bandung started when you go to the FOS (a lot, and scattered all over the places). Look for labels (GAP, Zara, Ralph Lauren, AX, Burberry, Old Navy, Esprit, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria Secret) and you will smile. Small price for the big labels. But then still depends on your luck though...kalau stok baru sampai, mmg best lah shopping..there will be a lot of choices then. FOS i love the most: Rumah Mode. it's actually a boutique outlet..very nice boutique with a nice deco and arrangement. Looks exclusive and ahem..Kris Dayanti pun shopping sini ok :)

Sangat cosy ok kat sini, anakku pun tergedik2 bergolek2 di sofa Rumah Mode

Well, you will find quite few places that locate the FOS:

1) Along Jln Riau
2) Along Jln Dago
3) Along Setiabudi (this is where Rumah Mode located)

For Jeans: Go to Toko Tiga (Levi's for RM 60 eheh). Have fun portraiting your pics with Superheroes at Cihampelas Walk too..budak2 sukalah...byk Superhero characters (tapi x jumpa lagi BEN10 yg menjadi kegilaan budak sekarang). Among all, i love the outlets in Jalan Dago (besides Rumah Mode in Jln Setiabudi)...found quite a lot of adorables clothes with irresisstable price for husband's AX shirts and also my daughter's gowns, shirts. Not much in Jln Riau, I grabbed nothing in outlets in Jln Riau...(x de la nothing, tapi less than 5 items i guess)

San Goku kah dibelakang kami? Tak sure heheh

One more must go place if you come to Bandung: Pasar Baru. An eight-stories building with textiles, embroidered telekung, kebaya in it. Ini pun semua org shopping bagai nak gila..berguni2 heheh. I didn't really shop sampai berguni2..since i'm not really into kebaya sulam only intention was only to get few pieces of embroidered telekung (guys, telekung kat KL yang 200 ringgit tu boleh dapat kat sini around RM 50 je tau tak?). Then sangkut2 la jugak few other fabrics: sepasang chiffon, 2 metres japanese cotton and a pair of kebaya sulam with silk sarung..surprisingly, my other rombongan-mate borong habis, like 5-8 times than what i bought..gilak betul mcm nak berniaga pun ada...huhuhu. And..can u believe it, sebab dah tahap masuk dlm guni..orang kedai tu siap hantar guni to our minibus...gila betul org malaysia ni shopping.

Co-incidently we met a Malaysian (a tourist guide actually) and he gave us really good informations on what to buy in Pasar Baru. Do you know that we can get a very high quality fabric for the suit in Pasar Baru? Choose: Buy the fabric and get it tailored in 24 hrs there or just buy the material and let your fave tailor do it for you in Malaysia. Wal-lah. Quality kain sama macam kain kat Dubai ok :) All in all, if you appreciate the quality of fabrics (and pandai pilih) you will get what you want. High quality japanese cotton for only RM 8 (in Malaysia will be like RM 30-40 per meter) and chiffon for kurung priced RM 80 (in Malaysia around RM 300++) satisfied me enough. And oh, don't forget to bargain uolls! 1 thing to remember, Pasar Baru is closed quite early, around 6 PM. You've got to really keep on looking at your watch..maklumlah..8 tingkat to explore...nnt x habis round..nak tutup dah :P

Food is not a problem, because there was quite a lot of decent places to eat. Kg Daun was the restaurant i love most. Very cosy, and the food tasted good, too. Dapur Sangkuriang, Restoran Sederhana (vote this for yummiest Nasi Padang). But: I was really surprised to find out that people in Bandung served chicken with the head (errr x lalu makan ok!). Alpukat was among the must try menu when you were in Bandung but err, i also couldn't take it. Apsal org lain minum sedap aje eh?

Do you believe that we only spent half of the day for sight-seeing? Ngehehe..nafsu shopping mengatasi segala-galanya. We opted to visit only 2 must go places: Tangkuban Parahu and Ciater Hot Spring. Appreciating nature of earth...bau2 sulfur sikit then amik gamba...rendam kaki sikit2 dalam air panas sambil makan aiskrim then balik huhuhu..sambung shopping!

You can smell the sulphur from here..

Money spent: xxxx.xx
Money brought back to Malaysia xx.xx
The feeling looking at Luggage(s): PRICELESS ;)

p/s: Geng jenjalan, let's start saving for HK Disneyland next year!!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

You Are Invited!

It's her birthday today, and we are planning for the celebration this Saturday! Please come over and we can double up the fun... SMS me 0122667120 on how many kids you're bringing, so that we can prepare the goodie bag for you.

See ya!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

She's turning 2...tomorrow

Mama always pray for your best, darling!

Monday, March 30, 2009


I only discover the news upon reading her blog. I am shocked. She's such a lovely doctor. Met her once for Qaisara's consultation when our fave Paeds not avail.

Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kai Kaya Says

Q: What is your name?
A: Kai Kaya [read: Qaisara]

Q: What is babah's name?
A: Kaiyi [read: Khairie]

Q: What is mama's name?
A: Nowi [read: Noori]

Q: Ni atuk apa?
A: TokKomat [read: Atuk Kemat]

Q: Lagi Atuk Apa?
A: TokAcol [read: Atok Rasol]

Q: Kenapa baby Aliff tu?
A: Baby Aliff Kaii eeeeeee [read: baby Aliff cry, sambil tunjuk gaya baby nangis]

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Morning Ramblings

Hujan pulak this mandom pun a bit lambat today to the office (and terus memblog?uhh sangat tidak produktif)

1. My daughter digigit di nursery! I was surprised how this happened to her because she's kinda 'pembuli jalanraya' jugak. Found out, she fell and accidentally bumped into this lil girl (who happened to be her fave girl to bully long time ago). Being so mad sebab kena hempap dia pun gigit lah my daughter. [so quote of the day: Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga, sudahlah sakit jatuh lps tu kena gigit lagi]. Luckily x berdarah. End of the story.

2. I'm still looking for a suitable cross-body bag, not small-size but big one: to keep few pcs of diapers, milk container n bottles, few pcs of toddler's cloth and not to be forgotten my long purse and handphone. Anyone? Tired of bringing my speedy 30..tak boleh sangkut kat bahu!

3. I can't wait for our planned family trip (sangat planned ok, we book the tix masa A*rAs*a promo 0 sen on Feb 2008! Nak tix murah punya pasal) this coming April. This must be fun (to the ladies at least) to get the chance to shop till we drop!

Later peeps, for more ramblings.....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Abah

Ever since my life began,I realized that "You're the man!"

I saw your wisdom, your courage too,

And I learned I could rely on you.

Your tolerant nature was really great,

Nevertheless, you'd not hesitate

To let me know when I'd been bad

It must have been hard, but that's being a dad.

You're strong and smart and filled with love

A gift to me from up above.

So here's a greeting from your biggest fan:

Happy Birthday Dad, "You're the man!"

credit to Karl Fuchs

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A quick one

Yup, a very quick one:

1. I've just started my new job@my new place. The feeling: Err ok lah at this moment..sukeeeee :)
2. I went to the office@myPreviousComp few days before i started my new job. The feeling: Sedih jugak rasanya bila jumpa my mates..sentimental siot.
3. I've completed my C*S** certification during my 5 days leave before i started the new job. The feeling: Wah lega betul menghabiskan exam Q*S yang menyeksakan ituuu.
4. I didn't really enjoy my 5 days leave before i started the new job because:

-my husband was away for 8 days (time ni la pulak nak outstation uhh)
-my daughter preferred to go to school, rather than staying with me at home..(ampeh tul, boleh ke lps mandi cari kasut and terus ke pintu..sambil berkata: mama culll [read: mama school])

5. I can't help myself laughing out loud when Qaisara spell out her new word : COCOT

-There are 2 different meaning of cocot: i) Biskut ii) Takut [apakah kaitannya? huhuhu tiada kot neh]

6. My husband's birthday fell on the day he returned home from outstation. Happy birthday, sayang!

Facts on item no 2: Saya berasa sangat keji kerana tidak berjumpa dan bersalam2 an dgn semua yang rapat dgn saya di ofis itu..bukan apa kerana saya takut ter emosi lebih..lalu mengeluarkan air mata. Farewell email pun not sent [keji betul, tapi saya rasa seperti poyo pula hendak menghantar email, almaklumlah saya memang pasti akan berkunjung ke ofis lama itu..paling tidak untuk mengajak kawan2 minum petang dan singgah sekejap di meja2 yang berkaitan untuk mendapatkan gosip terkini]

Ayat jimatnya: Saya masih berasa diri saya sangat dekat dengan mereka yang berada di ofisLama itu...baru kini saya sedar betapa saya sayang dengan orang2 di ofis itu. huhu

p/s: Anybody knows where to get eletronic anagramizer?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life goes on.....

It's very hard to decide but life must go on. For both personal and professional reasons, i choose to leave my CurrentCompany, and move on to TheNewCompany.

Serving my CurrentCompany (and having the coolest boss on earth) for almost 4 years is the most precious moment i will always remember. A lot of things learnt and being explored here which i'm pretty sure i won't get it anywhere else...and one thing i'll surely miss the most:


I wish J*R**N* all the best, hope you guys pray for me too (at my new place).

p/s: Gonna miss you guys! *sob sob*

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

She made my heart melt ;)

when she runs to me and says: tayamnye mama niiiii [read: sayangnya mama ni]
when she goes to bed, starts rolling and says: mama polok mama polok [read: mama peluk, mama peluk]
when she sings all her songs and adds a simple rhymes as: maaamaaa comey comey! [read: mama comel comel]
when she comes to me with muka toye and says: mama hab [read: mama, hug]
when she comes to me and says: mama tiss [read: mama, kiss]
when she looks at me putting on make-up and says: mama cantiknyee

Yes, she really made my heart melt.