Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Life goes on.....

It's very hard to decide but life must go on. For both personal and professional reasons, i choose to leave my CurrentCompany, and move on to TheNewCompany.

Serving my CurrentCompany (and having the coolest boss on earth) for almost 4 years is the most precious moment i will always remember. A lot of things learnt and being explored here which i'm pretty sure i won't get it anywhere else...and one thing i'll surely miss the most:


I wish J*R**N* all the best, hope you guys pray for me too (at my new place).

p/s: Gonna miss you guys! *sob sob*

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

She made my heart melt ;)

when she runs to me and says: tayamnye mama niiiii [read: sayangnya mama ni]
when she goes to bed, starts rolling and says: mama polok mama polok [read: mama peluk, mama peluk]
when she sings all her songs and adds a simple rhymes as: maaamaaa comey comey! [read: mama comel comel]
when she comes to me with muka toye and says: mama hab [read: mama, hug]
when she comes to me and says: mama tiss [read: mama, kiss]
when she looks at me putting on make-up and says: mama cantiknyee

Yes, she really made my heart melt.