Monday, July 31, 2006

Why Lotter?

The result was as expected. Lotter was best voted for AFMASUK thingy..brought him back to the academy for the finale.. His performance? was a so-so performance..nothing much to be proud of...RICH was even performed better. Lotter fans out there..jangan marah ye! i'm not saying that Lotter does not deserve the chance...this make me think: Malaysians prioritize attitude more than everything.

So who will be the champion? Will it be FARHAN? noo..i don't think so.. FAIZAL maybe...he is now leading with 40% percent votes first thought: farhan might be winning this competition..but then i feel like nothing impressed me much in her...well, i don't want to make more comments..i don't even AFUNDI any of them..-don't blame me for not voting: i won't get even RM1 if he/she wins..

Just wait for nextcoming week..WHO WILL WIN?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Finally, I have my own blog!

Funny! i have to admit that a person like me : working in IT related industry, hooked to internet almost 24hrs, knows nothing about blogging! (not to say nothing's just that i don't have my own blog..that's all..i do read people's blog and even have my own favourite blogs to read when i'm free)

This morning, my dearest hubby helped me to unpack our garments. (we've just moved in a week ago to our own rented house). I said to him if i have my own blog i would post a compliment titled: My dearest hubby is the best husband ever! (or somethin' like that, i can't really remember what is the real compliment, though..sorry dear)

SO: This is the beginning! Posting a compliment to my dearest husband in my own blog! WHOAAA