Wednesday, August 23, 2006

it's 8:41 PM and i'm still in the office...

It's my turn to stand-by (and shift!)...that is why i am still in the office..not updating for some times in this blog...i decided to jot down something today...
well, nothing much happened..but obviously the most awaiting event: SITI NURHALIZA n DATUK K nikah ceremony was held last Monday...what a pheww...finally!

what else? uh: it was my ex-roommate's wedding last Sunday...SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU AMI! me and few of my friends (yup, my friends not my hubby) attended her wedding all the way from KL to JB...she looked so nervous, as usual: blushing all day :P
I wish her all the best in her life...

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Last Friday my husband and I went to Mid Valley, for High Tea (owh, did i mention high tea?) As usual, we started to find the parking at nowhere-else-but-our-favourite-GZONE-parking area. It's somewhere at Menara IGB..This place has been our favourite parking since we were in uni, for some reason:

1) You only pay for the parking at the counter when you exit [soo good, you don't have to queue to pay for parking]
2) If you park at Level3, you can straight away heading to cinema...very easy, no more escalator nor elevator..
3) More and more parking space..unlike general parking at midvalley parking area..this is what we like most...

but that was during our old-sweet-time....we hardly found even 1 parking space..except the reserved dear husband finally decided to park at one of reserved't want to say i had already told him not to park there...

There you go! Our car was blocked by a cute kancil...nothing much to do..but only to wait for the car owner....hmm...we waited for hours..and still the car was there..

Let's make
the story more dramatic: Well, actually my family was on the way from Melaka: paying us a visit this weekeend..They called me to inform that there were almost at our home..and we were still waiting for the kancil driver!! huh, straight away i went home by commuter+lrt to welcome them..poor hubby, you waited for the driver yourself: without me...[well, you asked for it, sape suruh parking kat situ :P]

Finally at 10++PM, hubby returned home..with our car heheh...that kancil was a company car..and the driver had left home...luckily by the help of the guards, the car was managed to be moved and hubby was able to drive home safely (but of course with tiredness and regrets)

So, lesson learn: PARK YOUR CAR PROPERLY!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Reward Yourself...

Don't laugh reading this statement: I am now using Samsung A800 (Blue i) with no camera, no colour screen, no mp3 player, no 3G.... IT'S A NO-NO PHONE *winks*

I'm now eyeing for SonyEricsson k800i: Cybershot 3.2 megapixel camera phone, with 3G, large TFT impressed me gila-gila then...look at it..solid figure (esp the camera) hmm barula korporat!

I must get this by end of this year! Abang izinkan ehh..(Still failed to get his approval..huh)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


It's two month now after i am officially announced as a wife of Muhammad Khairie. My feeling? Hmmm..bercampur-baur...happy and honoured to be his only wifey..(yeah, ONLY) Well, let's look at the biggest decision made by us since the knot being tied:

We decided to move out from my parent in-law and live on our own. I'm not sure if this decision is made to soon or what..but i've got no choice:

1) I can't allow myself feeling too comfy staying in the house..because later both of us will not feel like moving out anymore..(why not, you've got nothing to worry: all bills settled by mak and abah, dinner will always ready when you work late and return home only at why move?) -->this is what i want to avoid of.

Being too comfortable of something will make you forget about any other thing you need to think of. Sorry mak and abah dearest, it's not that i don't like staying with you..i think both mak abah understand
and agree with this decision.

2) It's my working schedule: I have standby-shift, which means 'abnormal' working hours. Start at 2 PM and return home at 10PM, followed by standby until 830AM the next day. Eventhough it's only one-week-in- a-month duty, i am sure they will be distracted with all this: the phone calls at 3AM, watching their only son waiting for wifey returning home at shows a bad reputation of me as a wife!

3) I can do all i want to! You won't wear a short in front of your father in law...You can't wake up late while your mother in law prepares the breakfast. Now in our own place: YEEHAA! i can wear anything i want, or nothing at all..(well this is the best reason that makes my dear hubby agrees to move out) anyway, thanks abang! for being so understanding and always supporting me for this...muaahhhss