Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Uli Uli Aidifitri

Last weekend, i've started our (me, MIL and SIL) mission: buat kuih raya! We've started with our very first kuih: TART GULUNG. The result: First doh a bit keras, but still sedap...Second doh and afterwards...sedappp!!!hehehe

Nampak sedap tak?

....and the best part kuih tart dah ada bekasnya for hari raya!

ehehehe..cantik kan?

To be continued next weekend....

Bukapuasa@Outside part II

Last Monday, again we decided to have a very well-deserved buka puasa outside..but still at KLCC. This time we aimed for Royal Thai Food, Chakri's Palace. No queuing, the best thing ever! I was craving for the crab (hmm yummy!) so that we had chosen ala carte menu..(no crab in buffet menu, can you believe that?)

The interior changed a lot...I showed that we hadn't had our lunch here for quite a long time...our menu: Of course la Tom Yam Gung, kerabu mangga and the crab! (already forgotten of the name) Not to be forgotten our favourite soursop juice (huh, mcm x ada air lain)

Yum Yum Yum :-)

Here comes the crab..the hidden crab (dah x de kulit dia)

My fave: Frozen Soursop

Gotcha! habiskan udang, x ingat org lain..

We still managed to shop our groceries at Cold Storage. After Maghrib prayer, we went back with our full stomach!


We rarely break our fast outside..the reason: i go back early everyday, and still have time to why eat outside? Lucky me to have a husband who balun aje whatever i cook..(eventhough x sedap hehe)...but of course i only manage to cook very simple dishes, letihla nak masak yang complicated everyday..penat keje lagi...

So what we do is we top up our lauk with some other lauk and kuih from Bazaar Ramadhan
nearby to mix and match with the dishes i cook. OK la so far, not much complaint from hubby..

Last week, we decided to tukar selera by breaking our fast outside..venue? of course la's the
most convenient place to eat (heh, ye ke...maybe for my husband..since he's working at the tower..) It was Friday, since i was leaving the office early, i drove myself to KLCC and met him there. Too bad, i was stucked in traffic jam all the way to KLCC (it was 5 PM and the traffic was damn heavy). I only managed to reach there at 6..(huh normal journey normally takes only 20 mins..sigh..)

6 PM wasn't a good timing to search for available seats at my hubby's favourite chicken restaurant: NANDO's. Too long queue! We decided too break our fast with something (a slice of pizza, cut fruits and a bottle of guava juice). After Maghrib prayer, we went again to NANDO's and still people were queueing! choice, but to queue..

erhh..panjangnya queue!

At last..your deserved peri peri

We have their ramadhan special menu..and i just love love the bubble blackcurrant drink :-) Quite enjoying our meal, we went back at around 9 PM ++. Managed to snap few pics at Concourse hehe

besarnya ketupat! you can see the kolum too..