Friday, May 08, 2009

Her Vocabs....

...are growing and expanding! I am proud that Qaisara's pronounciation of every single word she says is clear. Tak main la pelat2 hehe...It is just that sometimes she uses the words wrongly...tak tahu makna kot...hehe..anyhow she is mastering quite a lot of words each day.

-She is now pronouncing her name as Kasagha [read: Qaisara], better than Kai Kaya she pronounced earlier, and started calling her teacher as Ko As [read: Cikgu As] also, better than before (dulu panggil As je). Show your respect lah baby, she is your teacher, not your friend :)

I always keep asking her some common question repetetively [which she doesn't really like to answer the same questions again and again. When you started to ask 1 question only, she will answer the question PLUS the other question you plan to ask one after another...

Q: What is your name?
A: Kasagha...babah Kaiyii..mama Nowii..atuk TokKomat..atuk TokAcol..Nenek Jah...TokMama Enon..PakLam Ecam...Babah work sisi mama work sabajaya..

Sometimes, she even answered her nenek's name as nenek nenek si bongkok tiga! I guess she get bored with the same question asked everyday ;) -Kadang2 siap provoke tanya lain jawab lain..grrrrr

I am also proud that she can now sing the song i used to sing during my childhood: 'Nenek nenek si bongkok tiga'

Nenek nenek si bokok tigaaa [read: Nenek nenek di bongkok tiga]
siam mangatuk malam ba-jaga [read: Siang mengantuk malam berjaga]
mecari cucu namanamana [read: Mencari cucu dimana ada]
neneku kawin dengan anak baja [read: Nenek ku kahwin dengan anak Raja]
cucu cucu tabole lari [read: Cucu cucu tak boleh lari]
nene tua banyak sati [read: Nenek tua banyak sakti]
sakaram nenek na cari gati [read: sekarang nenek nak cari ganti]
sapa yam kena dia yam jadi [read: Siapa yang kena dia yang jadi]

FYI, I am the one to fetch her from the nursery on my way back home. We normally will see series of traffic light along the way back and guess what:

Lampu merah: Mama, ssssssstop. Tu tengok tu ssstop.
Lampu hijau: Haaa, boleh jalan mama..boleh jalan dah.

I know my daughter is smart ;) It must be her babah telling her the traffic light lesson (good job, honey!) And owh, she will also ask me to stop when the light is yellow. Bagus2..boleh ambil driving license cepat mcm ni :D

Last night she got scolded by me after messing up all her toys at our living hall. Sambil membebel cleaning all the mess, i could see her walking slowly with sulky face to our 2nd room. I tiptoed and started peeping what was she doing. She climbed the bed, and sit still at the very corner of the bed. The room was dark, with no light switched on.

I asked her, Sara buat apa tu? Gelap lah...She replied with a very sad face...Saya manangis [read: saya menangis] aaaa? menangis? merajuk kot..sebab x de air mata pun.Iye saya yakin dia nak bgtau yang dia tgh merajuk...alahai..cutenya..takpe cuba lagi anakku...x power lagi lah vocab anakku :) Anyway, that was the first time she surrendered when i scolded her. Wonderful. Mama puas hati. Hehehehe. Mama menang. Kalau tak, selalunya the conversation will be this bad:

Mama: Qaisaraaaa..kenapa sepah2? Put this thing back to the room. Now!
Qaisara: [Muka toya, buat2 tuli...]tengok tv...or bwk keluar mainan lain pulak
Mama: Ya Allah, Qaisara..Pleaseeeee...Don't do this! Naughty lah u.
Qaisara: Noooooooo. Mama notiiii. Eeiiii

And i'll be the mangsa dera. Terasa didera kerana terpaksa mengemas mainan dan juga dibabab anak sendiri. [mommies out there, is there any way to teach her to manage herself better?]

Being a mother is....wonderful :)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Late Entry

I'd like to welcome the new addition of En Rasol Clan...Dzairul Izwan Zakaria..(betul ke eja nama ntah) abah officially has 2 son-in-laws. (And hubby dearie, you have now a competitor...hehehe) Welcome to the family, anyway Dzairul :)