Monday, September 25, 2006

HP Raya

Well, i think another post should be in my blog by today...hehe and since harini pun very unproductive...let me fulfil my time with announce that i got a new phone!

Well, big thanks to my dearest hubby for sponsoring the phone..(haha, habis kopak duit bonus)
OK, it's not my dream phone k800i, but something else...hubby said it's too expensive, meaning that he's not willing to waste his money, i repeat: HIS after a chit-chat with one of SONYWINGS' staff who stated that the phone is not that stable yet..and recommend him another model the best model he is willing to 'burn' his money for is only k750i OR w700i...hmm ok lah tu..since my phone pun dah very the very nazak...terima je lah..lagipun if i demand for more, mcm mana nak dapat baju raya, kasut raya, gelang raya (eheh!)

So, we went to Sg Wang yesterday..we surprised ourselves for not getting the aimed model but the other model and brand instead! The reason: our aimed model x de alang-alang beli (and i am not a person who keep changing a phone) better get a 3G that later senangla..

We finally picked this NOKIA 6280.. i think it suites girls..all basic functions are 2.0 megapixels...hmm satisfied with this phone..but not sure how reliable it is so far..

NOKIA 6280

We have started capturing photos, and also deleting the unwanted mp3 songs downloaded by the 'orang kedai'..and still need time to explore more..maklumla..dah lama x pakai NOKIA..heh

Anyway, again, i'd like to express my gratitude to my dearest husband for this..mwahs mwahs!


mahertac said...

whaaa..congrats..bila nak upload using hp baru...bubuh kat flickr ke..fotopages ke..happy taking shot!

napish said...