Thursday, September 27, 2007

Menu Oh Menu

Hi again folks. Did I mention that i'll share the menu i cooked during this holy month for bukapuasa? So, sblm lupa i'd love to share the menus, as of yesterday:

First of Ramadhan/13hb 9: buka puasa@bangi (no cooking!)

2nd of Ramadhan/14hb 9:
black pepper beef with asparagus

*only manage to cook this, other dishes beli dekat pasar ramadhan nearby
**komen juri: sedap, tapi silapla awak masak ni...kite batuk, so lagila batuk errrr

3rd of Ramadhan/15hb 9:
buka puasa@melaka (asam pedas)

*my comment: asam pedas yang tersedap!

4th of Ramadhan/16hb 9:
bukapuasa@melaka lagi

*helped emak to prepare my favourite kuih: kuih koci, yum!yum!
**komen juri: x dapek nak komen, sbb x suka makan kuih koci errr kenapa eh?

5th of Ramadhan/17hb 9
: bukapuasa@bangi (bangi lagi heh)

*no cooking, only buying

6th of Ramadhan/18hb 9:
mi bandung muar (ala2 aje, not exactly)

*komen juri: sedap, tapi kuah cair sikit ah

7th of Ramadhan/19hb 9:
ayam telur
Faryna+vegetable soup with meat ball
*Ayam telur Faryna means Ayam telur, resipi nya courtesy of faryna...not telur Faryna ok..telur ayam tu..*winks*
**komen juri: sedap la resipi Faryna ni..and meat ball ni berasa la..(credit tu MARINA meat ball)

8th of Ramadhan/20hb 9:
ala kadar sebab 'juri' buka kat luar

9th of Ramadhan/21hb 9:
vegetable soup with meat ball

*Beli ikan bakar dekat bazaar ramadhan, and buat lagi sup sayur since ada ingredients lebih dlm fridge, and juri pun love it very much
**komen juri: Ikan bakar ni x yah cicah lg sedap dpd cicah dgn pencicah i think your sup sayur is the best errkk eheh

10th of Ramadhan/22hb 9:
bukapuasa@Rahsia Restaurant

*my comment: tatau apa yg rahsia nya restaurantnya..but the food is ok

11th of Ramadhan/23hb 9:
bukapuasa@bangi..(sempat buat cheesecake)

*komen juri: ehem macam secret recipe punya cheesecake ihihihihi lol

12th of Ramadhan/24hb 9:
bukapuasa@the traders hotel

*my comment: Yummylicious! Recommended

13th of Ramadhan/25hb 9:
Bazaar Ramadhan Sg Besi

*Celebrating hari My Husband dapat bonus, but it's me yg belanja instead heh
**My comment: First time to taste Ketupat's kinda weirdo!

14th of Ramadhan/26hb 9:
Berbuka alone, since hubby buka puasa with the clients/whoever

* Me bukapuasa with Ayam Panggang Bazaar Ramadhan Sg Besi (bought on the day before, poor me!)

15th of Ramadhan/27hb 9:
Bukapuasa@Bangi (again?)

*No comment.

Laaa...baru berapa kali je masak..heh

Not Talking

Listening to what he said this morning, his words offend me. Really. So much.

Monday, September 24, 2007


Last Saturday was the very first time buka puasa@outside for 3 of us. We were having much fun (except part take turn taking care of Qaisara n makan), meeting old friends and their kids..

Well actually it was an annual event of our so-called 'school batch alumni'..Since most of us dah kawen n having at least a kid, we chose to held it during weekend...the venue; for me is just an OK restaurant..(i wonder what is so special sampai dapat quite a lot of award).

It was a good time for Qaisara to meet her friend(s), and also auntie2 and uncle2 yang becok n bising :D . BTW, Qaisara wore all pink on that day, but looked pretty much like a...BOY...err you judge it yourself hehe (pics courtesy of ketua batch)

with uncle Faizal yang nak kawen daa end of this year

Ini budak pompuan ka laki2?

With some of my good friends

Normally we are among the last person going back, but this year it turned out the other way..sbb Qaisara sudah mengamuk penat!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Do I (Qaisara) need a nebuliser?

Pity my lil princess, down due to bacterial pneumonia and really have to struggle breathing..
Haritu masa 3 bulan kene acute bronciolitis...sorry baby, mama n babah pun tatau nak buat macam mana to prevent it from happening again.. :-(

She went through quite a lot of nebulising session (utk legakan kesesakan nafasnya itu). That means mama n babah kenala ulang alik ke klinik at least 3 times a day for the session. Penat! [Today mama need to rush (from mama's office) to nursery to pick up and send Qaisara to the clinic for the session, lucky me to have an office near to the nursery and clinic as well]

So..i was thinking of..BUYING A NEBULISER MACHINE! One of my officemate has this at home..and the good thing is, it can be used by anybody..

What do you think? Is it worthwhile to spend for the machine?

Friday, September 14, 2007

Silent Mode

Will not be blogging for next week, (eleh macam la selalu sangat blog) sebabnya:

1. have to study for my BSCI paper, nak exam!
2. Bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak..better do al-quran reciting more (insya-allah) than blogging
3. am busy thinking of what to cook for breaking fast and iftar (ngeheheh)
4. Qaisara needs me more, now x sihat after injection last week..

So enjoy Qaisara pics while i'm away! And please pray for my recertification exam, too: kena refresh CCNP dulu la pulak before go for CCIP *sigh*

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Am back from one-week-tedious-yet-useful training...ehehe n kena baca buku for the exam..heh! Hopefully i managed to get myself prepared for it...dah la bulan puasa exam tu..

Speaking of bulan puasa, this is our first puasa with dearest Qaisara.. Will i manage to prepare the food for breaking the fast, and Iftar as well? Frankly speaking, it is sooo hard to cook with the presence of Qaisara (unless if she's sleeping). Hmmm macam mana eh? teringat my husband comment on my very simple dish yesterday: Sedapla awak masak harini..walaupun telur aje tp mmg sedap. Telur aje? huhuihui..tersangat la simplenya lauk itu. Sebab itu je yang termampu. Qaisara needs my attention more :D

Whatever the reason is, i plan (have to) cook and cook for both of us..takkan nak beli aje everyday kan..i must! i must! i must!

Will update u guys for all dishes i cook (insya-allah)


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ingin ku katakan..tapi pada siapa...

@#$%&^*(&^%$%#$#^%$^()&% )(&*&^*&!#%*!#@

--sad :-(