Monday, May 26, 2008

Harizah's Bachelorette Party

We had so much fun @ The Zon All Suites Residences on the Park last was actually a normal outing..but with the companion of the best-est friends among turned out to be the most happening get together event..(and of course no boys ok, HEAVENNNN)

This activity was started on 2005, celebrating Aisyah's day...we did
melalak 1 mlm kat karaoke, and got the chance to accompany her lingerie(s) shopping. Kelaka la time tu sbb most of us tak kawen lagi...Then, continue pulak with my party mid of 2006, held somewhere @ Sg Apa ntah nama dia (Miah, help dah lupeee) Best giler enjoying our BBQ sambil mandi2 sungai and having hair spa...besttt, mmg best..especially bila part knowledge sharing tu. I still remember, Faryna nye lamb sangat sedapp..dgn jagung bakar Aisyah lagi..*droool* And the most interesting part was we were freely to gossip and gossip without the presence of our boipren/hubby/fiance. Tapi cuak siot since Aisyah was pregnant that time, and siap boleh cramp masa mandi sungai huuu thank god, nothing happened.

Bachelorette (episode: lenot) was antara yang sadis..timing cam last2 sikit je join..(yang tak tahan bride-to-be siap balik awal tu sbb kena pergi hospital ON CALL. Last2 tinggal kitorg je mandi pantai huuuuu. Resulting hotel room@PD tu jadi cam kosong je..still, we enjoyed ourself even though without the bride to be hehehehe

So for Harizah's one..a very memorable picnic@KLCC park, followed by body massage, foot spa, hair spa..pergh rasa macam princess. Stripper pon ade...Qaisara, Aqish and Dania volunteered themselves to replace the absent stripper (Nafis yang demam). Adala show sikit2 dlm bath tub *winks* Lupa lagi..we (read: aisyah n miah) did karaoke all night long. Enjoy siot!

All of all, yang paling best is when we can gather, and share all stories, nasihat2..and yang paling best flash back cerita zaman sekolah!

So who's party next eh?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Feeling Happy

Huehuehuehue..feeling happy today:

Happy because Huggies Dry Diapers sold@30.99 for L(72)~~Happy because i reached office soo early ~~Happy because my baby is recovering from her bronchitis~~Happy because i know i can move to our own house by next month~~Happy to sign an agreement that makes my eyes glow n glow~~Happy because we'll be having a get-together picnic tomorrow~~

ooh i'm just HAPPY!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Yiha 1~ Qaisara turns 13 mos

being cheeky each and every day, she really makes us appreciate our life; even more..

-sangat manja, especially with me
-loves to get my phone ( or tv/dvd/astro remote control) and pretend to speak over the phone
-always takes the astro remote control and pretends to change the channel we're watching ( selalu mmg tukar terus channel, bukan berlakon je)
-loves watching tv (cartoon especially)
-will kiss me (or anybody) when i (anybody) say sayang (mama/doll/anybody)
-will cium tangan if you say salam
-will dance when listening to the songs
-loves pocoyo and thomas n friends so much
-will clap her hands when she is happy
-loves to sengih2, showing off her teeth
-her hair is getting curlier, like her babah of course
-will raise her hand to catch your attention (nak suruh dukungla tuu)
-will kerut muka when you say no
-loves her shape-sorter
-don't really like girlie toys but prefer trucks, car, mechanical type of toys
-will pass whatever in her hand when i (we) say can i (we) have it please
-good at making friends (but it takes time)
-loves swimming pool and playground
-loves to scream
-good at pretending baik n comey in front of people ( behave baik punyaa)
-very penggeli to hairy/flurry thing (eg: her babah's curly hair and her nursery-mate's hair, bulu2 dekat sejadah)

Still not walking yet, tp dah boleh berdiri sendiri...really hope she will be able to walk very soon. Any tips out there?

Yiha 2~We've gotten our house key!

Can't wait to move in! We are now busy searching things for our house (this is so tough sbb budget is very ciput, and time-constraint reason too). Lucky me to have sisters involved in Interior Design and Architecture area, throwing tons of design ideas (but that doesn't help much, again budget cipuuut)

one of our interior advisor, with her choice of tap and sink

if you have any useful tips/info, pls pls pls share with me ok!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Untuk Emak n Abah

~Selamat Menyambut Ulangtahun perkahwinan yang ke-29, semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat~

p/s: i am proud to be your daughter!