Friday, October 24, 2008

She made me panic, again!

Drama gila seyh. It happened yesterday. I was having quite a bad headache, tapi buat tak tau je...kalau dilayan lagila sakit. To shorten the story, my to-do-list after office hour that day was:

1) to pick up Qaisara from nursery
2) to fetch my husband at his office @ KLCC
3) to pick up cupcakes for our cousin's wedding in Keramat
4) to send the cupcakes to our cousin's house @ Taman Melati
5) to have dinner @ their house

So there we go. Hubby was fasting that day, and the moment i reached his office it was about time for iftar. Hubby requested to break his fast @ KLCC, nak makan dekat Manhattan Fish Market katanya..but i said 'kita makan kat rumah aunt Norlia je la, diorang dah masak dah pun...u beli roti dekat petrol pump je la dulu'

We stopped by and got some buns for him. Qaisara requested for her milk and i fed her as usual lah kan. 10 mins later, guess what? She vomitted her milk she drank and habis carseat depan...duhh.We stopped at other petrol station nearby, to clean up all the mess. Poor Sara kena pakai baju yang dia dah pakai during the day...sebab baju tido dah kotor (and we don't have spare shirt)

The journey continued, we reached Kak Chik's house to pick up the cupcakes. Qaisara looked ok..with her baju comot :P. She ate a few kuih raya, and drank some plain water. Half an hour later, off we went to Taman Melati to deliver the cupcakes. Being only about 10 mins in the car, she vomitted again! This time all kuihs and plain water came out...poor baby nangis seluar and tudung mamanya habis kena muntah. And oh, carseat belakang juge ya...

At Taman Melati she vomitted 3 more times, we decided to bring her to doctor. I called her caretaker to check what she ate, or did she fell or did anything happen today? She ate nasi lemak a bit today, the rest is as normal as the other day...hmmmm... was it nasi lemak?

At the clinic , 2 more times: before and after we met the doctor. Thank god x jumpa sesiapa yang dikenali...i was wearing purple-colour office wear with turqoise seluar jogging! Macam *n*o* ok. And final vomit of the day was after she drank plain water on the way back home. All those counted as 8 ? In 4 hours? Oh my....

We reached home at almost 12 AM. She was asleep by then. Lega gila bila dia minum susu twice throughout the night and x muntah lagi...thanks doc for the medicine..

Today she looks ok, hopefully she is ok. Please pray for her ya!

**can't imagine how the scenario would change if we were having our dinner at Manhattan Fish Market..masak mak nak oi

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A ( not-so ) raya story

How's your raya folks? We didn't really celebrate our raya because Qaisara had a measles on 2nd day of raya. Demmit.

She was having high-fever on and off a week before raya, when the red thingy popped out, baru la kitorg tahu what makes her so cranky and uncomfy...

During her fever

Malam raya: still in the mood for fireworks

Raya Day 1: The only decent pic of her, for the rest asyik nangis aje

The day Measles popped out

Her atok(s) and nenek(s) put sooo many effort to ensure their only granddaughter recover fast:

1) To give her coconut drink: no red spot hidden inside the body, all must out!
2) To not expose her to rain, this will lead to something worse (as they said lah)
3) No chicken, beef, seafood
4) No jalan raya
5) No etc

Unfortunately, babah couldn't stand the rule no 4. And the results, we keep kena marah everytime we go raya. Tension tul lah. Tension betul dgn babah. Sit still, no one shout at us. The end. Later still we can go raya...Grrrrrrr

On the 5th of more reddish body over kira dah baiklah. Her nenek melaka was so kind-hearted that she prepared a green-colour paste to be applied to her body..Utk buang miang and sejukkan badan yang gatal, katanya.

The Lil Hulk Hogan

The Lil Hulk Hogan(closed-up)

Alhamdulillah, she is much much ok now. I guess red spot semua dah keluar...hopefully x kene lagi lps ni...

Sudah ok!

I am happy healthy baby is back!

Monday, October 13, 2008

P.S I Love (always) You

Gara-Gara menengok Cerita itu, saya telah menjadi jiwang sekejap...