Monday, July 28, 2008

Our happy faces@Langkawi last month..will blog about it later

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A quick one

I know..i's been months for no update..can see page getting dusty ;)

Too many things happened each and every day...mmg x de masa nak update ok..

My past 11/2 months was really occupied with:

1) Preparation (and celebration) of my bro's wedding
2) Setelkan reno rumah (alone) sbb husband away masa tu
2) Packing, unpacking things to our new home (iye..kami sudah pindah yee..)
3) Wedding Appreciation Vacation to Langkawi
4) Outstation dan outstation

As of now, i guess will (again) getting bz for this (and nextcoming month):

1) Preparation (and celebration) of my sis-in-law's wedding
2) Touchup our home (cat pun x habis lagii..)
3) MPLS CCIP Exam preparation

Saja nak bgtau handphone hilang, so semua numbers lost! (And also Qaisara's pics masa kecik) bengang pls pls mail/sms me your numbers ye kawan2 (btw i'm still reachable either via my Maxis or Celcom)

So later peeps, for more updates!

p/s: I'd like to invite all of you to come to my SIL wedding @ Bandar Baru Bangi on 9/8/2008. Pls call me eh, i'll give you direction to the place. See ya, Tata