Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Krispy Kreme sudah sampai be exact, it's opening in Berjaya Times Square, KL. If it's not the buntings and ads, I won't know that we don't have really to travel so far to get the doughnuts now! Doughnuts Doughnuts I go nuts!!!!

p/s: Anybody generous enough to get me a box of these? Pleaseeee...Times Square is so far away from my workplace..if not confirm dah terbang ke sanaaaaa di waktu lunch ;)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bandung Shopping Spree

I know I know, it's kinda basi..tapi it's always better late than never to archive all this :)

Me and my keluarga nukleus (me, hubby and Qaisara) telah menjebakkan diri dalam percutian yg 80% dpd main activities nya ialah SHOPPING....uuhhh ahhhh what a therapy ;) Turut terjebak dalam percutian ini adalah 4 other families (Aisyah and family, Azury and family, Jun and Juri , Safurah and family)+ 2 geng solo (Chot and Jai) ...all were my schoolmates and my regular geng jalan2.

4 days full of shopping activities were seriously.....HEAVEN!!! You could get good things with a very good price, tell you. Don't dare to go there without Rupiah [read: a lot of Rupiahs] or else you will suffer. **Evil grin**

Well guys, I won't tell much about the whole trip as it is well-explained in Jun's Blog. My concern here is more on sharing few experiences and some shopping tips [for my reference jugak later, mana tahu nak pergi lagi uhuhuhu]

First thing first, get your RM changed to Rupiah as much as you can..because it was not easy to find Money Changer in more money changer was not like ours in've got to queue macam dekat bank...ambil nombor tau! I forbid myself to use CC..bahaya..nnt confirm swipe lagi dan lagi ;) Mahu tambah lagi satu tips..sediakan currency converter untuk senang nak calculate in RM. Buat dalam bentuk table ke..we were so lucky sebab Aisyah n husband dia dah prepare a table of converter..photostat ramai2 bagi sorang bila tengok je baju harga 49,000 Rp dah tau dah berapa RM by referring the converter.

Muka bertenaga sebelum shopping

The best part of shopping in Bandung started when you go to the FOS (a lot, and scattered all over the places). Look for labels (GAP, Zara, Ralph Lauren, AX, Burberry, Old Navy, Esprit, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria Secret) and you will smile. Small price for the big labels. But then still depends on your luck though...kalau stok baru sampai, mmg best lah shopping..there will be a lot of choices then. FOS i love the most: Rumah Mode. it's actually a boutique outlet..very nice boutique with a nice deco and arrangement. Looks exclusive and ahem..Kris Dayanti pun shopping sini ok :)

Sangat cosy ok kat sini, anakku pun tergedik2 bergolek2 di sofa Rumah Mode

Well, you will find quite few places that locate the FOS:

1) Along Jln Riau
2) Along Jln Dago
3) Along Setiabudi (this is where Rumah Mode located)

For Jeans: Go to Toko Tiga (Levi's for RM 60 eheh). Have fun portraiting your pics with Superheroes at Cihampelas Walk too..budak2 sukalah...byk Superhero characters (tapi x jumpa lagi BEN10 yg menjadi kegilaan budak sekarang). Among all, i love the outlets in Jalan Dago (besides Rumah Mode in Jln Setiabudi)...found quite a lot of adorables clothes with irresisstable price for husband's AX shirts and also my daughter's gowns, shirts. Not much in Jln Riau, I grabbed nothing in outlets in Jln Riau...(x de la nothing, tapi less than 5 items i guess)

San Goku kah dibelakang kami? Tak sure heheh

One more must go place if you come to Bandung: Pasar Baru. An eight-stories building with textiles, embroidered telekung, kebaya in it. Ini pun semua org shopping bagai nak gila..berguni2 heheh. I didn't really shop sampai berguni2..since i'm not really into kebaya sulam only intention was only to get few pieces of embroidered telekung (guys, telekung kat KL yang 200 ringgit tu boleh dapat kat sini around RM 50 je tau tak?). Then sangkut2 la jugak few other fabrics: sepasang chiffon, 2 metres japanese cotton and a pair of kebaya sulam with silk sarung..surprisingly, my other rombongan-mate borong habis, like 5-8 times than what i bought..gilak betul mcm nak berniaga pun ada...huhuhu. And..can u believe it, sebab dah tahap masuk dlm guni..orang kedai tu siap hantar guni to our minibus...gila betul org malaysia ni shopping.

Co-incidently we met a Malaysian (a tourist guide actually) and he gave us really good informations on what to buy in Pasar Baru. Do you know that we can get a very high quality fabric for the suit in Pasar Baru? Choose: Buy the fabric and get it tailored in 24 hrs there or just buy the material and let your fave tailor do it for you in Malaysia. Wal-lah. Quality kain sama macam kain kat Dubai ok :) All in all, if you appreciate the quality of fabrics (and pandai pilih) you will get what you want. High quality japanese cotton for only RM 8 (in Malaysia will be like RM 30-40 per meter) and chiffon for kurung priced RM 80 (in Malaysia around RM 300++) satisfied me enough. And oh, don't forget to bargain uolls! 1 thing to remember, Pasar Baru is closed quite early, around 6 PM. You've got to really keep on looking at your watch..maklumlah..8 tingkat to explore...nnt x habis round..nak tutup dah :P

Food is not a problem, because there was quite a lot of decent places to eat. Kg Daun was the restaurant i love most. Very cosy, and the food tasted good, too. Dapur Sangkuriang, Restoran Sederhana (vote this for yummiest Nasi Padang). But: I was really surprised to find out that people in Bandung served chicken with the head (errr x lalu makan ok!). Alpukat was among the must try menu when you were in Bandung but err, i also couldn't take it. Apsal org lain minum sedap aje eh?

Do you believe that we only spent half of the day for sight-seeing? Ngehehe..nafsu shopping mengatasi segala-galanya. We opted to visit only 2 must go places: Tangkuban Parahu and Ciater Hot Spring. Appreciating nature of earth...bau2 sulfur sikit then amik gamba...rendam kaki sikit2 dalam air panas sambil makan aiskrim then balik huhuhu..sambung shopping!

You can smell the sulphur from here..

Money spent: xxxx.xx
Money brought back to Malaysia xx.xx
The feeling looking at Luggage(s): PRICELESS ;)

p/s: Geng jenjalan, let's start saving for HK Disneyland next year!!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

You Are Invited!

It's her birthday today, and we are planning for the celebration this Saturday! Please come over and we can double up the fun... SMS me 0122667120 on how many kids you're bringing, so that we can prepare the goodie bag for you.

See ya!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

She's turning 2...tomorrow

Mama always pray for your best, darling!