Saturday, March 08, 2008

I missed the opportunity twice, all because tanggungjawab kepada negara. Kena duty la beb. Hopefully next election, i will get the chance to vote..nak merasa jugak feel mengundi, tak pernah mengundi lagi seumur hidup (mengundi kat uni dulu adalah)

Most of people who surround me was like, really celebrating the results of our General Election. Hubby and in-laws stayed up until 4AM waiting for the results (sorryla wa nak tunggu, dah penat standby kat spr siangnya tuu). I wake up in the morning with a very big surprise: witnessing 5 states now being taken by the opponents..yeah indeed a big surprise (kudos!)

I don't want to comment much on this, because i don't really care that much..i just wish:

1) Free toll
2) 1.92 per litre of fuel, and no other increasing figure on the metre!
3) A totally free education and medication

To you who have power now, please please please prove it to us that you guys can do it and help us.
And lastly, to you guys who ' kalau potong jari gerenti darah kaler biru':

This is not the time for emotions. We must regroup and not lash out at anyone. Chaiyo!