Friday, October 26, 2007

Qaisara's Nightmare: Meeting Dr Christopher Lim

Not feeling well

A week after raya, we brought Qaisara to meet her paeds. Kesian my lil baby ni..her airways is too sensitive: that causes cold, wheezing and sneezing to happen very easily. To my surprise: Qaisara needs to take ventolin (to be inhaled for 5 days) and also Seretide (to be inhaled for 3 months). Ada lagi: Singulair (to be taken for 7 days) and one more (can't really remember the name, to be taken for 3 days) Hopefully after this, no more medication...

Siannye Qaisara!


Fabmama said...

Poor her! Hope she gets well soon ..

napish said...

Tu la tu..i hope so..