Monday, November 12, 2007

Face Painting @ Damia's Birthday

Last Friday was one of Qaisara's nursery-mate birthday, and guess what: we enjoyed face painting activities! All kids were having much fun, except...Qaisara (appeda conteng2 muka sikit pun takmo ^_^)

Birthday celebrations are always held at this nursery, as most of the kids (which birthday falls on weekdays) spend almost the whole day every month mesti ada big makan2, i think it's kinda happening having party with a lot of kids there.

Sweet Seven Ardini Damia

Time were quite limited for the celebration, (it was during Friday Prayer break, Damia's mum n me had to get back to work at 2.30) so the painting design was among the simplest..Managed to snap few pics with my handphone, but i missed the lil Spidey-Aiman and few more.

Painted faces, see Qaisara with the boringest look? hehe

'i hate face painting :( '

Qaisara: look at her face expression in sequence, looked like he hate the face painting the most! Haha, apalah anak mama ni.

Anyway, happy birthday to all celebrating it this month, especially to Qaisara's Grandma this coming 25th Nov!


Fabmama said...

Cuuuttteee :)

napish said...

kids are always adorable, right? Try la face painting for your son's birthday, he will like it, for sure :)