Tuesday, February 12, 2008

10 months old Ustazah Qaisara ;)

Qaisara turns 10 months old on 8th of Feb, a day after her Babah's birthday. Am very happy to see her progressing well, and can't wait to feel 'oh penat nya mengejar anak berlari'

Anyway, Qaisara's Tok Jah (Tok mama's sister) bought her a very nice scarf, for her to wear..looks so decent when she wears it, tapi sesekali macam anak indon pun ada jugak heee.



Semoga Qaisara menjadi anak yang solehah..Amin


Anonymous said...

ala comelnye aiyah nihhhh..mau kena cium dgn qayyim kang.kekek

napish said...

eh, dh jd ustazah x boleh cium2 :P