Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Am back from one-week-tedious-yet-useful training...ehehe n kena baca buku for the exam..heh! Hopefully i managed to get myself prepared for it...dah la bulan puasa exam tu..

Speaking of bulan puasa, this is our first puasa with dearest Qaisara.. Will i manage to prepare the food for breaking the fast, and Iftar as well? Frankly speaking, it is sooo hard to cook with the presence of Qaisara (unless if she's sleeping). Hmmm macam mana eh? teringat my husband comment on my very simple dish yesterday: Sedapla awak masak harini..walaupun telur aje tp mmg sedap. Telur aje? huhuihui..tersangat la simplenya lauk itu. Sebab itu je yang termampu. Qaisara needs my attention more :D

Whatever the reason is, i plan (have to) cook and cook for both of us..takkan nak beli aje everyday kan..i must! i must! i must!

Will update u guys for all dishes i cook (insya-allah)


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