Monday, September 24, 2007


Last Saturday was the very first time buka puasa@outside for 3 of us. We were having much fun (except part take turn taking care of Qaisara n makan), meeting old friends and their kids..

Well actually it was an annual event of our so-called 'school batch alumni'..Since most of us dah kawen n having at least a kid, we chose to held it during weekend...the venue; for me is just an OK restaurant..(i wonder what is so special sampai dapat quite a lot of award).

It was a good time for Qaisara to meet her friend(s), and also auntie2 and uncle2 yang becok n bising :D . BTW, Qaisara wore all pink on that day, but looked pretty much like a...BOY...err you judge it yourself hehe (pics courtesy of ketua batch)

with uncle Faizal yang nak kawen daa end of this year

Ini budak pompuan ka laki2?

With some of my good friends

Normally we are among the last person going back, but this year it turned out the other way..sbb Qaisara sudah mengamuk penat!

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