Friday, January 19, 2007

2007 already?

Cepatnya masa berlalu...can't believe it's now 2007...dah mid of Januari dah pun...very sure APRIL is aproaching so soon..(huh takutnye)

Many things happened on December and yet to be summarized before we start a new 2007 stories. First of all i'd like to congratulate my friend YATIE, on her wedding held in Terengganu. We came to share the joyous moment (and perabih duit dekat Pasar Payang as well)...

Congratulation Yatie and Haizul

Celebrated our Raya Haji with inlaws, still manage to go back to my hometown to celebrate my lil brother's engagement...congratulations both of you :)

hehe..hantaran instant done by us!

A week after new year, hubby and I went to Genting (dapat hotel RM1). Here, we (hubby actually) found a very interesting and useful station that we thought we had never found it anywhere else before:

A free handphone-charging station!

Sooo many chargers for different model of phones

Menarik kan? For emergency cases, you'll find it really useful...

My 2006 events and histories was wrapped with a not to be forgotten+demotivated event: 4 of my geng minum petang at the office had left the company for a better career move in MNC companies in Cyberjaya...their loss were really affecting my minum petang routine..especially during my shift..ergh...lps ni nak minum ngan sape :-((

Hopefully this new year will be a very prosperous, lucky year to me and giving me more good things, more money, perhaps :-)

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