Friday, December 15, 2006


Hmm..not updating quite a long here are fews:

1. Introducing my new goggle:

Just get this from my sister as a gift for no occasion...thanks sis..this replace my old black i have a goggle suits my bikini! hehe

2. Latest buy: A pair of sandal & also a pair of black pants both from MODERNMUM. (Pardon me the brand :P)

Thanks to dearest hubby for buying me the pants..but still unmanage to wear suitable top yet..Planning to get at least one this weekend. Anyway, the sandal is really comfortable eventhough it makes me look like makcik2 a bit :P


The mileage for our WMR 9531 has reached its 50000 miles of after this no more warranty la..

4. A not-so-good event in a nice event..

It happened last be exact 30/11/2006. We went for PIMAI PIMAI TANG TU the musical at Istana Budaya (thanx Fatiza for the ticket). It was a nice show...the not-so-best part was; I met my ex-roommate who came with her husband to watch the a treat for her birthday..OH MY! how could i forget her birthday :-(

5. Latest dish cooked: SUP TULANG

I cooked this yesterday...hubby said:

"Hmm sedap, pandai masak"

*hinsh hinsh*

So that's all for today...will update more if any :D

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