Monday, July 31, 2006

Why Lotter?

The result was as expected. Lotter was best voted for AFMASUK thingy..brought him back to the academy for the finale.. His performance? was a so-so performance..nothing much to be proud of...RICH was even performed better. Lotter fans out there..jangan marah ye! i'm not saying that Lotter does not deserve the chance...this make me think: Malaysians prioritize attitude more than everything.

So who will be the champion? Will it be FARHAN? noo..i don't think so.. FAIZAL maybe...he is now leading with 40% percent votes first thought: farhan might be winning this competition..but then i feel like nothing impressed me much in her...well, i don't want to make more comments..i don't even AFUNDI any of them..-don't blame me for not voting: i won't get even RM1 if he/she wins..

Just wait for nextcoming week..WHO WILL WIN?

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