Tuesday, September 21, 2010

in the mood of updating

It's been months! Pemaleh betul nak update eheh. I've been busy for nothing lately..Ntah apa yang busy pun tak tahu..tapi bila nak update je..konon2 tak sempat :P

Too many things happened this few months..but again, i'm just too lazy to remember all that. All i know:

My darling daughter has grown up so fast (how I wish it happens not too fast)
We are blessed with 2 boys (it's our sisters' son)

What else? To be updated soon.

Pathetic post, isn't it?


rawsktar said...

kita slalu konpius blog kak noori n kak ecah. kena tgk gambar kt tepi2 tu. haha.

rawsktar said...

pun komen pathetic. sori.

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aisyah said...

wei noori.. jadahnye comments from anonymous nih? well..what do i care anyway. nice to see u back here walaupun pathetic nye entry hehehe :)

anness.. konpius sebab dedua tayang muka laki. hahahah :p

(lambatnyeeeeeee reply!)

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