Tuesday, December 30, 2008

1430H - New Year with New Hope

Sangat lama tidak update blog..and FINALLY it's updated!

Sangat bz for the last 2 weeks..ambik nafas pun x berapa nak boleh...but now dah free!! hehe boleh buat sesuka hati di ofis :)

We are now in 1430H..new year with new hope! I'm not going to declare any of my resolution here, maklumlah bukan senang nak mencapainya..heheh so better simpan dalam hati aje :P

Anyway, i'd like to congratulate my lil sis for getting 8a's in her PMR. (Good achievement to start your new year!)...and also one of my friend who's just got pregnant ( a new addition of your family this new year - insyaALLAH)

Me also have some something exciting to start this new year ( but can't revealed it now lah..later ok). All in all saya tidak sabar menempuh 1430H dengan sesuatu yang baru (dan menggembirakan gitu...)


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