Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A ( not-so ) raya story

How's your raya folks? We didn't really celebrate our raya because Qaisara had a measles on 2nd day of raya. Demmit.

She was having high-fever on and off a week before raya, when the red thingy popped out, baru la kitorg tahu what makes her so cranky and uncomfy...

During her fever

Malam raya: still in the mood for fireworks

Raya Day 1: The only decent pic of her, for the rest asyik nangis aje

The day Measles popped out

Her atok(s) and nenek(s) put sooo many effort to ensure their only granddaughter recover fast:

1) To give her coconut drink: no red spot hidden inside the body, all must out!
2) To not expose her to rain, this will lead to something worse (as they said lah)
3) No chicken, beef, seafood
4) No jalan raya
5) No etc

Unfortunately, babah couldn't stand the rule no 4. And the results, we keep kena marah everytime we go raya. Tension tul lah. Tension betul dgn babah. Sit still, no one shout at us. The end. Later still we can go raya...Grrrrrrr

On the 5th of raya...no more reddish body over Qaisara...so kira dah baiklah. Her nenek melaka was so kind-hearted that she prepared a green-colour paste to be applied to her body..Utk buang miang and sejukkan badan yang gatal, katanya.

The Lil Hulk Hogan

The Lil Hulk Hogan(closed-up)

Alhamdulillah, she is much much ok now. I guess red spot semua dah keluar...hopefully x kene lagi lps ni...

Sudah ok!

I am happy now..my healthy baby is back!


Azury said...

Banyak2 hari, time raya la qaisara nak kena demam campak. Glad she's fine now. Boleh la beraya sakan lepas ni, ada 1/2 bulan lagi! ;)

napish said...

itula tuu..terbantut misi collect duit raya

aisyah said...

aqish cun cun before raya elok from demam, seseme and batuk.. tapi batuk tu sampai la ni ade lagi...
tapi comey la gamba hulk die.. :)