Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So many things to update, so many things to catch up! Sorry peeps for not writing quite a long time..tak ada masa laa..Ok, mana mahu mula ye?

1) Jalan2 Kuantan

Kuantan Trip was organized by my hubby’s colleague. It’s kinda get-to-know-each-other-more event, basically our family and his other 2 friend’s family. Dunno what is so best about Kuantan that makes them deciding this place to go. Very the non-cuti2 Malaysia...but hey, ok la jugak sebenarnya Kuantan ni...ada nice beach (read=Swiss Garden Resort n Spa@Pantai Balok Beach), yummy (and damn cheap) seafood and ada Kuantan Parade n Berjaya Megamall hehe...

Serious sedap, murah lagi

Disini la...Pak Su@ Kg Bahagia Beserah

......the most important thing is: it's only me, hubby and Qaisara in a hotel room!

Only 3 of us, yeay!

This is our very2 first time 3 gether..selalunya mesti with Qaisara's Atuk/Nenek/Auntie's companion.Qaisara was really enjoying herself at the beach for the first time! So excited she was, but unfortunately x boleh mandi pool/beach sebab selesema.

Happy Sandy Time!

2.Phuket Trip

@ Phuket Airport

A week after Jalan2 Kuantan, kitorg pegi pulak ke Phuket..pity little Qaisara kena tinggal. Personally i think Phuket is not suitable for baby at the age of Qaisara bcoz:

1) The weather is hot (me sunburn, siap mengelupas2 kulit)

2) Baby still can't enjoy Thai Massage (which we really feeeeell it!)

3) I don't think baby can stay at the beach from the sun rise, until almost 12 PM (which we really can)

4) Tak romantikla bawak Qaisara..(give us some sweet time together eh baby)

Can you spot me? Hehehe cari la kalau terrer, confirm x jumpa

BTW, we went to Phuket by group, 7 of us altogether...too bad we didn't bring our camera, camera phone aje yang ada...Harizah Chot Aisyah ada la gamba banyak kot.

3) Qaisara’s First Year

She turned 1 on 8th of April. She ate a lot sampai tergolek2 penat on that day, claimed the caretaker@the nursery. My baby..tapi sekarang semakin manja..tak boleh berenggang langsung dengan her babah and mama. Why eh? Bukan dah besar lagi 'macho' ke?

A week before her birthday was really a drama..Mula2 fever, and then bronchiolitis again: being the worst ever in her 1st year of life. Need to be nebulised every 3 hours resulting her mama EL lagi for 2 days. Thank god Qaisara's paeds was really helpful (siap bagi nebulizer machine lagi, so Qaisara doesn't need to be admitted) Alhamdulillah after 1 week, she recovered.

Her first birthday bash was held at her nursery. It was a simple celebration only, since Qaisara pun tak reti appreciate lagi the celebration. Tapi mama and babah telah berjaya membuat goodie bag Qaisara with her favourite cartoon on it. Sangat gigih melipat sampai pukul 2 pagi ok..

With her POCOYO oh so favourite cartoon in front

..........and her face at the back

Quoting my mum's say: "Budak2 biasanya suka makan ayam' I decided to cook chicken rice as main dish for the cocktail jelly as dessert, and of course ada birthday cake lah. (Itu sahaja yang sempat dimasak ye kawan2..nnt thn depan tambah menu) Speaking of birthday cake, it was indeed a FRUSTRATION! Upon recommendation, we ordered a 3D mickey mouse choc cake @ this one particular pembuat cake (not to name who) and started berangan: waaa misti comey nye 3D cake tu...then, it actually turned out this version of 3D:

3D kebenda nya nih..nasib sedap

Cake cutting with mama n babah

Lupa nak cerita, Qaisara was the one who suppose to be the happiest on her day, but she turned to be the crankiest girl! Reason: dah mengantuk, nak tido. Qaisara...Qaisara.. ^..^

Dah tido...ngantuk rupanya

Anyway, thanks to Mar and As for preparing everything for the party. Many thanks too for all the presents ya!

Babes@ Taska Nur Kasih

more pics will be uploaded @ my flickr


jun jusof said...

waa,bessnye jalan2!!! bila la nak ada peluang camtuh huhu...
sooo cute aa goodie bag qaisara tuh, serius ke korang buat sendiri? cana nak buat tuh noori? mane tau nak kene wat gak nanti kan hehe

napish said...

jom ah join jenjalan later...safurah pun nk join our next escapade..hehehe..serius buat paperbag tu sendiri, tp design cut n paste aje :P

Fabmama said...
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Fabmama said...

Comelnyer goodie bag birthday Qaisara! Kalau Haris pandai appreciate mesti dia jealous! Hehehe