Friday, December 07, 2007

It's Friday

Yes, it's Friday. Am thinking of going to TGI's Friday, tapi siapa yang sudi membawaku? Hinted him last week during our outing to Pavilion, watching The Kingdom. Tapi tak dapat pun. And owh, JCO Donuts @ Pavilion really make me crazy! *drool*

Soo not in the mood. Mixed feelings today. Why eh? Btw, it's mogok week. Ah-ha, no wonder i'm not in the mood. Maybe.

I'm worried of something. It's a good thing people might say, but for me it's a oh-no-i'm-not-ready-yet thingy. Let's give it to the ONE to decide.

Please pray for me so that i can feel happier and relaxer, and please also get me the JCO donuts!

--moody n not happy

1 comment:

abangawak said...

oh so worried too...qaisara pun kecik lagi...camne leh terlepas ni ek...?