Thursday, August 09, 2007

You did it, babe!

Motoring Hunt: must-join, not-to-be-missed event. That is exactly what it means to my husband. As for me, penat aje: get up as early as six (during weekend tu!) for the 1 whole day hunt. If you win, it's your luck..but if not, hrrmmpphh..for me buat rugi bayar yuran penyertaan aje (which is not really cheap, at least 100 bucks ok, can be up to 200!)

I can say...he is addicted to it. Spending hundreds (this month he joins 3 hunt, you calculate the fee) for this hobby, he will..Collection of the questions at our house: boleh buat library :)
His hunt accessories: The clipboard, dictionary, thesaurus, pens, map..(don't think only budak sekolah ada dictionary)

T-shirt he got from the hunt-a lot! Tak payah beli baju selalu..banyak sangat baju free hihi..and he is proud wearing it. (bukan senang nak dapat the shirt..konon :P )

Sometimes, i was thinking...perabih duit masuk hunt tu..x selalu menang besar pun...klu duit tu beli my shoes lagi last week was kewl brought back 1K!

Congratulations, dear!

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abangawak said...

hehehe...berbaloi tak?