Thursday, June 28, 2007


motherhood isn't easy..

It was almost 5 months i leave this blog with no updates at all. (Yes, at all!)
Not many things happened during that particular period, but surely the most joyous moment i had in those 5 months dated 8th of april--the arrival of our little bundle of joy: QAISARA

Went through confinement was like..hell!(Ish tak baik cakap camtu, it was for my own good) Believe me, orang yang sangat sabar saje yang kata confinement is ok. Tapi best, first class service: macam puteri raja ok! Thanks to my beloved mother..Tolong jaga me and my baby...
This really make me think: kesian orang yang tak ada mak..siapa yang nak jaga masa pantang? Nobody can take care of you as good as your mother..prepare the food for 'org dalam pantang', pakaikan barut/bengkung, urutkan badan, and even siapkan air mandi tau! Tu tak kira jaga baby yang meragam at night..Again, thank you very much mak. Luv ya!

It was time to leave mak after confinement, and suddenly i feel so sad..ahah, being so comfy at home made me homesick when i returned to KL..but life must go on...

Too many things to face, taking care of the baby alone (i mean with no more help from mak), back to work etc..that makes me laaagiii x sempat nak update blog. Later ya!

As for now, i'm proud to present my little girl:-

Baby Qaisara is now 6kg!


yatie said...

baby ko dah putih kan.
betullah kalu baby merah mase nak uk uk or mengangis, lepas 4 bulan akan jadik putih.. hitam start born sampai 4 bulan. aku baru wat survey. ekekeke

EdaManAli said...

all ur feelings during confinement till its end are same with me. Ingtkn aku je yg sedih until i drop my tears mase nk tgglkn ummi kt kg, rupenye ko pn same kn. mase dlm pntang tu rase t'haru sgt sbb ummi jge & b'sengkang mata jgk laa jge bby...sygggg ummiiii...