Friday, November 24, 2006

My First IMAX Experience

Last Saturday, we went out to Berjaya Times Square. Well, considered that as a family outing:- we brought along my 2 SILs to watch IMAX : Open Season. It was a great experience, and worth our money spent...

Looking at the ticketing area, it was much2 less crowded compared to our normal cinemas (eg: GSC, TGV etc). less crowded, unlike GSC and TGV? hmmm...

The reason must be the pricing of the ticket..but the difference? Hmmpphh..IMAX is totally cool. Watching in 3D mode really gives you a satisfaction that you won't get when you watch in 2D..(Tapi kene abaikan about how do you look wearing damn big glasses: it was so funny)

Funny me in super-duper big glasses!

I'll definitely go often to IMAX if i can get lower price. But for now, sekali-sekala ajelah..

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